Thursday, March 31, 2011

Totally Unicorn - 2010 Horse Hugger

Band : Totally Unicorn
Album : Horse Hugger
Release Year : 2010
Genre : Experimental / Mathcore / Hardcore

Tracklist :
1. Umm... Yeah We're The Gay Metallica
2. Daddy's Stabby Surprise
3. Expose Some Wizards
4. Cool Dads With Cool Sons
5. Warhen
6. Horse Hugger

Just as the Hunt Of The Unicorn was considered by many to be the high point in Medieval tapestry manufacture, so will history recognize the bearded magical animal metal of Wollongong’s latest fantastical four headed Chimera, Totally Unicorn be considered to be the watermark for musicians that are both hirsute and technically gifted when it comes to bringing a party that is part wall of crushing noise, part pithy word play and all monstrously enjoyable.

To keep the ridiculous mythical creature schtick going, one could say that the foursome rose like the Phoenix from the ashes of two of the South Coasts most influential and critically acclaimed post-rock/hardcore acts, Ohana and Hospital The Musical, picking up where the dead acts left off, but with a whole new swag of tricks (that may or may not be covered in glitter) designed to shock, awe and inspire one hell of a good time as this ‘magical animal hardcore’ act invoke the spirit of their totem animal. Feeling horny? You bet your sweet ass you are.
The EP was completed over a period of 7 days in August/September 2010, and focused on capturing the party vibe that is Totally Unicorn’s live show.
Unleashing their own brand of Magical Animal Hardcore, and a live show that makes even the hairiest of men crap their pants, ‘Horse Hugger’ marks the first release for beard of bees, and it will set new standard in party-poppin’-panty-core.

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