Saturday, March 5, 2011

Zona Mexicana - 2009 3 Song EP

Band : Zona Mexicana
Album : 3 Song EP
Release Year : 2009
Genre : Mathrock / Indie / Punk

Tracklist :
1. the art of science
2. let’s get tired
3. bored and boring

Zona Mexicana is a math-rock group out of SUNY Purchase consisting of Hart Seely (Guitar/Vocals), Zephyr Prusinski (Bass), and Cameron Wisch (Drums). The band blends their own math rock, punk, indie, and alternative styles together to make a sound, which likens to Tera Melos, By The End Of Tonight, and Hella. Their spastic, yet accesible music never fails to please listeners in a live venue. Zona Mexicana’s minimal, yet present vocal additions, complete the sound in an even more original fashion. Their performances never disappoint, even if their listeners are new to the math rock scene.


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