Thursday, April 21, 2011

Foxy Shazam - 2005 The Flamingo Trigger

Band : Foxy Shazam
Album : The Flamingo Trigger
Release Year : 2005
Genre : Post-Hardcore | Progressive | Experimental

Tracklist :
1. The French Passion Of Animality Opera
2. No Don't Shoot
3. October Surf Suitcase Fish
4. Seagulls Of Rhinosuarus Bay Part 1
5. Seagulls Of Rhinosuarus Bay Part 2
6. Aroma Of You
7. Untitled
8. Sailors Of Rhinosuarus Bay
9. Brains Of Vegas
10. Wifes Juice And Watertower Wine
11. Across The Golden Fields
12. Shadow Of A Shoulder Parrot

Once again proving that you can never judge a book by its cover (or a band by its name in this case, obviously), Foxy Shazam provide us with an eclectic, strange and just plain fun debut album. It kicks off with "French Passion", immediately showcasing the bulk of what your bound to hear throughout the rest of the album - catchy, quirky vocals; equally erratic guitar sections and the ever-present piano (which often steals the spotlight throughout the album). "No, Don't Shoot" begins with almost 'surfer-rock' riffing, eventually leading to a breakdown in which the singer shouts nonsensical babblings. "Seagulls Over Rhinosaurus Bay Pt I", the track in which the singer provides us with memorable one-liner previously mentioned, is one of the albums standouts. It segues into "...Pt II", the engaging piano solo.

"Aroma of You" is the strongest case for the band's tendency to spout out lyrics that are often just 'weird for the sake of weird', such as the Shakespearean line "how about I piss in your butthole, how about I admire your eyes" - lines usually reserved for joke grind bands and the like. "Brains of Vegas", another one of the albums highlights, comes off as a deranged symphony of driving synths and dramatic vocals, ending in a breakdown with gargling vocals and more goofy noises.
"Across the Golden Field", the "heaviest" track on the album, features a breakdown and use of pinch harmonics, ending in a rather menacing guitar section whilst the singer provides yet another of my favorite 'sing-along' one liners - "Run for your lives! Run for your lives!".

In conclusion, this album isn't for everyone and likely isn't something you're going to listen to regularly even if you do enjoy it. However, "Foxy Shazam" has become an endearing moniker over the past two years since this records release, and always incites me to spout out one of the many ridiculous yet memorable lines upon mention of the bands name. They have recently signed to Ferret Records, furthering my belief that this album is a stepping stone of ideas to bigger and better things to come.

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