Sunday, October 9, 2011

Overhead, The Albatross - 2011 Mr. Dog

Band : Overhead, The Albatross
Album : Mr. Dog
Release Year : 2011
Genre : Post-Rock | Instrumental

Tracklist :
01 Pigonometry
02 Flubirds

It’s a new two-track EP from Overhead, The Albatross (the comma is important if you are searching for them on Breaking Tunes). Following on from January’s free Lads With Sticks EP, Mr Dog continues the pulsating heavy-hitting instrumental rock. ‘Pigonometry’ kicks off very much in the style of the Redneck Manifesto – but is there any Irish instrumental band who can claim not to be influenced by the Rednecks? I mean, it’s hardly a bad sound. There’s lots of exciting breaks in the song as well, leading up to a breakdown followed by an aural assault. ‘Flubirds’, meanwhile, clocks in at eight minutes and involves a thrilling change in direction that belies the band’s youth. There’s absolutely loads to wrap your ears around. Two free EPs with six stunning tracks altogether? By all accounts, a great live act too? What more do you want from Overhead, The Albatross? A single in aid of charity!?!? Well, you’re in luck because that’s coming in November.

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