Sunday, April 17, 2011

Oker - 2011 Oker

Band : Oker
Album : Oker
Release Year : 2011
Genre : Post-Metal | Screamo

Tracklist :
 1. 0
2. I
3. II
4. III
5. IV
7. A Mountain, A Silhouette
8. Zakouma
9. 00

OKER is a 5-piece band based in Portland, OR. The band continues to remain active despite some of its members living abroad or in other spaces of America.
OKER has played a handful of shows and is tentatively planning a US tour in the summer of 2012. OKER is always writing new material and plays live whenever its members are all present in their hometown, Portland.
Now they talking solid post-metal / hardcore that measure’s up to ENVY, Kayo Dot, Torch The Bridge, and the likes. MASSIVE SOUND here guys. I have to admit some of the artists that land on this page are totally and undeniably loud and beautiful.

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