Thursday, September 8, 2011

The Death of Anna Karina - 2002 Selftitled

Band : The Death of Anna Karina
Album : Selftitled
Release Year : 2002
Genre : Screamo | Post-Punk | Experimental

Tracklist :
1.The Infection
2.l'age d'or
3.You Are My Cannibal
4.Youth Defenestration
6.Mission Alphaville
7.Rebels Of The Neon God
8.The Sixth Part Of The World
9.Anemic Amour
10.Ian T. Williams Is My Guitar Hero

The Death of Anna Karina born in the spring of 2002 during the recording session of hardcore bands starvation. The album title turns in the name of the training that begins in the same year, under the auspices of Heroine records. Their sound, which is called "chaos and roll", it feeds on influences ranging from Refused to Orchid, JR Ewing from the Swing Kids. Having enriched the line-up of the presence of Rocco Rampino (The Quiet, Congorock) on keyboards and guitars the TDOAK embarked on a series of fiery live performances in Italy but also abroad (Germany, France, Czech Republic, Austria, Spain, Belgium), where their debut album has great feedback. 
As evidence of the interest aroused in the course of the biennium 2002-2003 the TDOAK affect the individual for the American Slave Union (which produces the American edition of their album) and the Belgian Mashnote and play support, among others, to melt Banana, Light the Fuse 'N Run, Sunshine, The Vanishing participating in high-profile international festivals (such as Fluff Fest or Vort' n Vis Ieeper). Over the years, the first disc of TDOK has established itself as a must in the discography Screamo-HC Europe.

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