Sunday, September 11, 2011

Down I Go - 2010 Witness the Shitness

Band : Down I Go
Album : Witness the Shitness
Release Year : 2010
Genre : Mathcore | Chaotic | Noise | Experimental
Tracklist :
01. Dionysus
02. I am Reindeer
03. Santasaurus
04. King Herod the Great
05. ED-209
06. King Leopold II (Demo)
07. George Bush Jnr. (Demo)
08. Flight of the ROFLcopter

Witness the Shitness is a collection of songs that didn't appear on any of our albums.

Over the years, we've recorded various one-off tunes for different things that you may have missed, so we picked a few of the less embarrassing ones. There are also a couple of demos from our album Tyrant that you definitely haven't heard, so download it, punish your ears for listening to too much nice music and Witness the Shitness.

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