Monday, September 12, 2011

Johnny Truant - 2002 The Repercussions Of A Badly Planned Suicide

Band : Johnny Truant
Album : The Repercussions Of A Badly Planned Suicide
Release Year : 2002
Genre : Progressive | Metalcore

Tracklist :
1. "I Am The Primitologist Mr Robert Sapolsky"
2. "Consider Us Dead"
3. "Subtracting The Apex"
4. "Seven Days At Knife Point"
5. "Infamy"
6. "Puparia"
7. "In The Name Of Bleeding Hearts"

Johnny Truant was a British, Brighton-based metalcore band, formed in 2000 under the name Severance. The band recorded 3 demos under this moniker before renaming themselves after the lead character of Mark Z. Danielewski's novel House of Leaves. The band recorded their debut release The Repercussions of a Badly Planned Suicide (which featured three remixed songs from their second demo) in 2002 which was released on Undergroove Records. Their second album, In the Library of Horrific Events was produced by Killswitch Engage guitarist, Adam Dutkiewicz. The band have toured the UK, Europe and Canada with the likes of Killswitch Engage, As I Lay Dying, Cancer Bats and Alexisonfire as well as playing Download Festival in 2005, 2006 and 2008. Although the band started out as a 4-piece, at the start of 2006, Al Kilcullen was added as a second guitarist. As of June 2006 however, Kilcullen was replaced by Reuben Gotto. The band signed to United By Fate Records in the UK and Distort Entertainment in Canada. Their third album titled No Tears For The Creatures was recorded in Brighton Electric throughout November 2007. It was produced and mixed by Dan Weller and Justin Hill of WellerHill productions. It was released on the 2nd of June, however the album leaked onto the internet weeks beforehand.

The band then signed to Ferret Music in the US and released No Tears For The Creatures on September 30, 2008. They were set to support Bring Me The Horizon in the US with Misery Signals and The Ghost Inside, however on October 31, 2008 the band unexpectedly announced on their Myspace that they were to split following their December UK tour. The band played their final show on December 17, 2008.

This is what i called the real metalcore. I posting it just because i really miss this band so much. If you never heard of them just give it a listen!! This one is the best album for me, i guess. More album from them will be posted next, hope you like it!!

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