Saturday, May 12, 2012

Invalids - 2012 Eunoia

Band : Invalids
Album : Eunoia
Release Year : 2012
Genre : Math-Rock | Progressive | Experimental
Tracklist :
1.Sherman Is Connector
2.It's a Pipe Bomb, Jobriath
4.J Whiting, From Our Hearts We Send Thee
5.School Social
6.Ursine Valor
7.Far Away Cranes
9.I'd Rather Be Driving; Skyscrapers
10.And Was It Worth It in the End?

Invalids is a highly technical math-rock band consisting of Pete Davis (guitars, vocals, drum programming) from New Jersey and Nick Shaw (bass) from Pennsylvania. They have never met in real life. It is NOT the 90s Californian punk band “THE Invalids.”

I (Pete) started writing these songs after hearing Maps and Atlases' "Every Place Is a House" for the first time. I was so blown away and enamored of the guitar technique that I had to figure out how it was done. That was
some time in 2008. The first demo recordings were done at my mom's house in New Jersey back in 2009.

I met Nick (bassist) through an online forum of musicians many years ago.
He asked if he could take a shot at the basslines in the demos, which, at that time, were done synthetically through VST (the bass parts were too hard for me to play myself). I said sure, what the heck, let's try it out.
He sent me the first track, "And Was It Worth It in the End?", and I was really (REALLY) impressed, especially because he was like 18 at the time.

Since then I've been writing the bass lines with him in mind; I tab everything out in a tablature program (including bass and drums), send him the files, he adds his bassist touch, and records it and sends it back.
We've never actually met in real life. He lives in Pennsylvania, I lived in Oregon when we made this. I now live in New Jersey.

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