Thursday, September 8, 2011

The Expectorated Sequence - 2005 Hairbomb

Band : The Expectorated Sequence
Album : Hairbomb
Release Year : 2005
Genre : Mathcore | Noise | Screamo | Experimental

Tracklist :
01. hairbomb
02. whores and assholes
03. rusty baby
04. i am the best person ever
05. sandwich maker
06. robot rebellion
07. listening to elvis
08. he's in love
09. another blown light bulb
10. sixty-nine on a sexy night
11. enfant de chienne
12. welcome to my haircut
13. loser
14. untitled yet
15. the prolonged disaster

The Expectorated Sequence is one of Canada’s noisiest bands, spawning from influences that range from Converge to D.R.I. which can be heard in the bands first full length Hair Bomb. Unlike the bands previous Ep, Over the top, they have now taken a turn towards noise and are more heavy , shoving both into a form that can split off into directions unwillingly at times. While still keeping a raw sound that exemplifies the powerful atmosphere created by their spastic song structures the band has not become an act you can just throw into a category, giving freedom to their style.

Montreal destroyers The Expectorated Sequence are presenting their 1st full length, Hair Bomb. The record is a loud and heavy detonation, featuring 15 tracks of structured chaos and sludgy "défonce", it’s the follow up to their acclaimed 2004 debut EP, Over the Top.

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