Monday, September 26, 2011

Jument - 2009 Plate X

Band : Jument
Album : Plate X
Release Year : 2009
Genre : Sludge | Progressive | Experimental

Tracklist :
01. Digital Artey
02. Posterior Transverse
03. Branches Above
04. K
05. Eternal Branch
06. Circumflex Artery
07. Where Pelicans Go To Die

JUMENT(the beast of burden) was started originally by sir castannelli(I Shot Them) and luke sorenson(Gaza) and went by the name “CZAR”. CZAR never played a show, but instead paved the way for what was to become JUMENT.

For an incalculable number of doubled blooms bound on the networks of "musical discovery", a Mare hides. Of Timbers in Idaho, this four-bit byte is naturally different, without claim. Decided to make the things in the rules and at its rate/rhythm with an at the same time refreshing and exceptional car-production in the line of Yakuza with a key of Neurosis without to sink in the shelf of the énieme clone, on the contrary.

In order to think "Plate X " correctly, it is necessary to visualize the stereotypes of the post-hardcore production, like its "linear" unfolding, to leave in the direction opposed by taking the hand Yakuza, Tool and The Volta Mars with dirtinesses sludge trailing with the four corners. The dark one for the dark one, very little for Mare, a significant part of its gasoline is illuminated on uneven mathematics of rock'n'roll/involving metal, in its labyrinth groovy (Eternal branch).

This slope of changes of rates/rhythms and subterfuges which exaltent unforeseeable titles that one will appreciate more especially as their trailing and major sounds are not a graduated reconstitution of sludge atmospheric ("K" ), it keeps a metal key or maths-rock'n'roll singular (Circumflex artery).

One would swear to see briefly emerging from the winks to an experimental rock'n'roll related to the progressive one and psychedelic it guitar allows freedoms under the influence of pedals of effect perfume "vintage" - not foreign of King Crimson, with a unicity between the ingredients so that none overflows. Mare shows its maturity in reserve, a strong personality in the writing and the divergent esthetism. The incisive formats strew Plate X, however a 26 minutes reward is dissimulated at the end (Where pelicans go to die), a new dimension is explored with the irreproachable presence of Batty and its sumptuous voice, for much in the environment of this title which completes to convince of the accuracy of this group. -Lifeless Zine

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