Monday, September 26, 2011

I'm Sorry Callfield - Discography 2006-2008

Band : I'm Sorry Callfield
Album : Discography 2006-2008
Release Year : 2006-2008
Genre : Post-Hardcore | Mathrock | Progressive | Experimental

Tracklist :
2006 high quality alloy:
01 single people throwing parties
02 console
03 fail revival
04 jack the maverick

 2006 the interview tapes:
01 high chairs and concrete
02 that's me in the cannon, 1968
03 astigmatism in my good eye
04 hidden track

 2007 pollen from saguaros:
01 Got Sand In Your Neck
02 The Companion
03 Survival by a Cat

2008 Self Titled:
01 Dik Dik De Kirk
02 Judy Drinkwater
03 Harbour Va Vessa
04 Unavoidable Tournament

I'm Sorry Callfield is coming from York, Northeast, UK, and playing a kind of progressive/mathy/post-hardcore. I can't find any info about them!!! Found this discography on I Just Got This Blog Goin', if you like a kind of The Fall of Troy Sound you better go check out that blog dude!! Well, here's their discography and enjoy!! Thanks for Nico to dropping this good shit!! For fans of Battle for Paris, Pictures, and The Fall of Troy of course!! Btw, all the covers above is not the real cover, that's just an arkwork from them that i found on their MySpace, i can't find the real cover!!


  1. If im not mistaken I do believe one of the guitarists currently makes racket via Zefs Chasing Cara