Thursday, September 22, 2011

Nonna Mordukova - 2008 EP "Schst'e moe, ya zdes' i zhdu tebya"

Band : Nonna Mordukova
Album : EP "Schst'e moe, ya zdes' i zhdu tebya"
Release Year : 2008
Genre : Screamo | Chaotic | Hardcore | Experimental

Tracklist :
01 - 3
02 - 1
03 - 2
04 - Olga

Russian experimental\chaotic hardcore band named after famous Soviet/Russian actress.
The band was formed in june of 2005 in Troizk (Moscow region). Initially rehearsals took place in local garage complex but then the band moved into a legendary underground Jerry Rubin club where they first performed live on the 25th of february 2006. The band played all the songs from their first demo that was recorded in 2006. But by the moment of this demo’s release its material was considered out-of-date, because musicians started working on a new material - more serious, more interesting and more emotional. Then the band disappeared for about a half of a year to return with just one new song called “Olga”. Then it took about 7 month to record a new material in a studio. During that time the band performed live just once. Then in the april the band released their EP “You’re my happiness, I’m here waiting for you” in the internet…


2006 Демо

Tracklist :
01 - intro
02 - И последнее...
03 - Песня для ЖЖ
04 - Человек в шапке 'Лыжня России' ограбил Банк
05 - Инопланетные друзья затерялись в грозовых тучах над на гаражом №120
06 - Я понял, что спал, лишь когда был разбужен ее криком  
For fans of : Medic,Medic!, For You.Earth, Duck Duck Goose, Heavy Heavy Low Low and Pollution People. Enjoy!!!

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