Thursday, October 13, 2011

+/- - 2011 Nimrod Glacier Remixed

Band : +/-
Album : Nimrod Glacier Remixed
Release Year : 2011
Genre : Experimental | Mathcore | Chaotic | Post-Hardcore

Tracklist :
1.Nimrod Glacier (Vagina Vangi Remix)
2.Nimrod Glacier (Modern S†alking Remix)
3.Nimrod Glacier (WIK▲N Remix)
4.Nimrod Glacier (FUNERALS Remix)
5.Nimrod Glacier (Blind Bindings Remix)
6.Nimrod Glacier (BAZOOKA BOOM Remix)

Single group - the song «Nimrod Glacier», one of the numbers of last year's debut album, band, album Emerald Island - guitar obscurantism starts and ends with a lyrical melody piano. Also about looks and video for this song, which band was removed almost a year ago. The debut album of musicians, incidentally, came out on French label Douchbag Records, and indeed, judging by blogs and notes in the press in Europe and America on the group +\- know and understand far more than at home.

A couple of days ago, +\- produced single Nimrod Glacier. Besides the title track it includes remixes of it, for example, from the Russian group Vagina Vangi and from British producer WIK▲N. The overall style of the remix - dark gothic, electronic inhibited Smurov, WITCH-house and so on.

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