Saturday, October 1, 2011

The Exploited - 2001 Totally Exploited

Band : The Exploited
Album : Totally Exploited
Release Year : 2001
Genre : Street Punk | Punk Rock

Tracklist :
01. Punk's not dead
02. Army life
03. Fuck a mod
04. Barmy army
05. Dogs of war
06. Dead cities
07. Sex & Violence
08. Yops
09. Daily news
10. Dole Q
11. I Believe in anarchy
12. God saved the queen
13. Psycho
14. Blown to bits
15. Insanity
16. S.P.G.
17. Jimmy Boyle
18. U.S.A.
19. Attack
20. Rival leaders
21. Crashed out
22. What you gonna do23. Class war
24. Alternative
25. Computers don't blunder
26. Addiction
27. Hitler's in the charts again

Yeah, look what i found on my old hardrive!! This is very old and i don't remember when i have this one. Well, this is the classic album, a compilation of the best from The Exploited.

They started out as an street punk band, before transforming into a faster hardcore punk band, only with a heavy political influence. From about 1987 on (around the time of Death Before Dishonour) they changed into a crossover thrash band. Formed in Edinburgh by ex-soldier Wattie Buchan they signed to Secret Records in March 1981 and released their debut EP Army Life. The album Punks Not Dead followed in the same year. Despite many lineup changes, the band continued into the 2000s and has developed a worldwide following. The band are currently writing material for a new album.

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