Thursday, September 29, 2011

Candy Hearts - 2010 Ripped Up Jeans and Silly Dreams

Band : Candy Hearts
Album : Ripped Up Jeans and Silly Dreams
Release Year : 2010
Genre : Indie | Pop-Punk

Tracklist :
 1. What I Want
2. Blocking The Sunshine
3. You And Me
4. Flashers Flashing
5. Hiding From My Friends
6. Why
7. Without Caffeine
8. What You Want
9. Punk Songs
10. Red Balloon
11. Anything
12. Size Of The Moon
13. Cracks Beneath Closed Doors

Every once in a short while, a song finds its way into your ear canal and hits you just right. Like a good bowl of warm mac n' cheese that makes your belly glow with delight, you feel like this special song deserves not only a good home in your memory bank, but like that hearty bowl of yum-yum, you want everyone else you love to enjoy it with you. It's so gosh-darn wonderful, you almost feel as if you're disrespecting everyone you care about for not hearing this nugget of beauty.

Candy Hearts is that bowl of mac n' cheese: they write the songs you want to play in a boombox that you hold up outside the window of the girl you love; they sing the lyrics you pen on your notebook during math lectures; they are the melodies ice cream trucks chime out for all children to run to. The Purchase, NY quartet's full-length debut is composed of 13 songs that are cute, bouncy and will make you swoon more than the first time Michelle Tanner popped her thumb up and said, "You got it, dude." Don't think this is Kidz Bop for the Hipster Generation - this is like great modern pop-infused rock music with a timely bounce that makes you feel like you're on a trampoline even when you're standing still.

Lemuria meets Matthew Sweet meets Zolof the Rock & Roll Destroyer. Whimsical, cute, but not too choke-on-your-own-vomit cute (see: Nicky & Alex from "Full House"), Candy Hearts pretty much gives you an indication in their band name and album title, but blows you away with how much fun you're having once they begin. You'll feel like you're on a swingset in your own bedroom as "Blocking the Sunshine" dares you to not roll down a grassy hill. "Flashing Flashers," "Red Balloon" and "Hiding From My Friends" should be played at all friendly get-togethers for the rest of time - they've got so much pip, so much zest, it's like running through a sprinkler naked. Candy Hearts never wants you to lose that warm feeling, and it's supported by a female sensibility as well as a tightly-wound but pleasantly tame backing band.

Mariel Loveland (even her name is adorable!) is honest, gentle and finds vulnerability in any easygoing listener; to locate that soft spot and make you feel like a goofy teenager trying out new songs in your garage over summer isn't something many modern vocalists can do (even if their goal is to make you feel "like a kid again") - Loveland's melodies, words and composure make you embrace it without feeling like she's overbearing. "You and Me" is like a bonfire ballad about crushes, recalling Friday nights staring at the telephone, knowing something could blossom if you could only pinpoint the right words... even if they seem wrong. Every syllable she sings is for the young at heart, those who still sense the honest exposure we had as a summertime teenager in love - not just with someone else, but our entire uncertainty.

Everything comes out fast and fuzzy, like a baby ostrich with adult legs. At first, you might find it a bit too cut-and-dry, yet what really makes everything sparkle is the earnest sentiment in all its simplicity. It's not an overproduced, super-polished romp through a weekend. Ripped Up Jeans & Silly Dreams barely stretches over half an hour, but packs an entire summer break into that time without theatrics. This is the band's first output, so to have this be their introduction is a heck of a feat. "I'm still young and I want to stay in the sun." Practical wisdom that's easy to adhere to - and even more fun to blast into your ears whether you're downing a warm bowl of mac or munchin' on a snocone. Either way, it's the youthfulness we've never quite grown out of that keeps us less than perfect - so you might as well enjoy yourself. -Chris Fallon


Candy Hearts - 2011 Everything's Amazing and Nobody's Happy

Band : Candy Hearts
Album : Everything's Amazing and Nobody's Happy
Release Year : 2011
Genre : Indie | Pop-Punk

Tracklist :
1. Tongue Tied
2. Lighter Than The Air
3. She’s So Cool
4. Good Enough
5. Sleepy Kisses
6. Asbury Park
7. When I’m With You
8. Something Special
9. Jawbreaker
10. What I’m Made Of
11. I Want Out
12. Everything’s Alright

Mariel Loveland fronts the band Candy Hearts with her refreshing light vocals. Singing evocative stories around a sound made big in the 90s. Both in sound and in lyrics, Everything’s Amazing and Nobody’s Happy brings about a nostalgic twelve songs. Each song feels like it’s the missing track from the 10 Things I Hate About You Soundtrack. They’re not mushy, obscure love songs, but rather specific points that paint the picture as she sings quirky lines of true experience like “I remember riding in your car/ without a seatbelt” and “Had a kind of a day/ that makes me just want to sleep.” And for some reason almost every song mentions a car, but I digress. Christina Picciano pumps out rock beats on the drums offering a rock-like rhythm to Christian Stefos’ backing bass licks all while the light guitar riffs of Kris Hayes keeps it all in check.

Too clean to call punk and too original to classify as pop, Candy Hearts evokes a memorable feeling of when the world referred to their sound as just “alternative.” The twelve fluid tracks are refreshing in light of the repetition that seems to be streaming forth from the pop world. The bouncing, rolling tracks deliver a retrospective punch as if meant to solidify the relevance of our youth.  In a fun, addictive way, we all want to go back to those days where we cruised around listening to the bands that made us feel like their music was meant for us. As we all grow up, we have the memories and now Candy Hearts; they do a great job of making it sound like their singing to me, but I can share. -nanobotrock

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