Monday, October 10, 2011

Fuck, Wolves! - 2011 und zwischen all unseren Trummern und Traumgebilden

Band : Fuck, Wolves!
Album : und zwischen all unseren Trummern und Traumgebilden
Release Year : 2011
Genre : Screamo | Emo Violence

Tracklist : 
01. Kontraktionsphase
02. But Habit Is A Great Deadener
03. Leben Macht Hungrig
04. Heute Ist Auch Nur Gestern 2.0

After their Demo and a split LP with “Chaos Is” we are happy to present their “und zwischen all unseren Trümmern und Traumgebilden” 7inch. The Band developed their sound and found a good base with a finally firm line-up. On this 7” you get three songs that throw you directly back in the days when you put early Screamo-records on your turntable and gathered melodies from all those nice bands that released record year’s back. A rough sound guided by high pitched melodies and brutal passages to flow into clean played guitar-lines that catch ears. These parts are rounded by handclaps, as well as intense and desperate vocals. Expect some really nice bass-lines that accentuate the well played drums before everything turns again in chaos. For those who are into very early Funeral Diner stuff, Enoch Ardon and Kobra Khan. Artwork by Gwaendo.

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