Monday, October 10, 2011

The Long Haul - 2011 Debtors (ep)

Band : The Long Haul
Album : Debtors (ep)
Release Year : 2011
Genre : Progressive | Hardcore

Tracklist :
01. Lenders
02. Holes In The Ground, Bliss In The Sky
03. Puppets And Wires
04. Black Canvas
05. Debtors

Here’s a brutal, if a little earnest, 5-track slab of ‘progressive hardcore’ (their description, not mine) to digest over the weekend. Southampton’s The Long Haul are members of the loosely grouped #UKSWELL scene which Tandark wrote about back in April, and as such bring influences such as Converge and Poison The Well to the the UK rock table. While I wouldn’t say anything on this EP is as good as Axe To Fall or The Tropic Rot, I can appreciate that The Long Haul are representing the UK hardcore/metal/punk/whatever scene in a much better way than Enter Shikari, for which we should at least applaud them. And, rather than spouting misogynistic crap as alot of post-hardcore bands are want to do, they’re shouting about the economy, stupid. Give it a try. -noiseclub

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