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Fuck, Wolves! + Chaos Is... - 2010 Split

Band : Fuck, Wolves! + Chaos Is...
Album : Split
Release Year : 2010
Genre : Screamo | Emo Violence

Tracklist :
01 Fuck, Wolves!-Control Lives
02 Fuck, Wolves!-Betonbunker
03 Fuck, Wolves!-22101987
04 Fuck, Wolves!-34 Zeilen
05 Fuck, Wolves!-Zerstoerungsmaschine
06 Chaos Is...-Ce que souffrir veut dire
07 Chaos Is...-1000 tonnes de beton armé
08 Chaos Is...-Ma faiblesse
09 Chaos Is...-Croire à tous les lendemains
10 Chaos Is...-When You Wake Up

This amazing split is opened by the sound of "Fuck, Wolves!" namely with the song "Control Lives". The said song was also the first track on their demo back in 2008. Some lineup changes and all that jazz that goes with it, brought us a revision of "Control Lives". Now, I'll be honest, I haven't listened to their release between the Demo and this split (the "Es ist Alles in Ordnung...nur in einer anderen" to be exact), but this is so much more musically advanced than the demo. The problem with the demo was the recording quality, a bit too raw sound with instruments sometimes being unbalanced, though it was still great by itself and I really loved it at first listen. Five songs on this release have a perfect sound quality and this part of the split just flows through the speakers. They carry with themselves an excellent mix of utter chaos and slow portions with some very interesting bass playing, giving the overall sound an amazing deep tone. It is always beautiful when you get to see a band grow and metamorphose so to speak, "Fuck, Wolves!" being a band that is not only moving forward, but actually sky rocketing and from the very beginning being a band worth mentioning.

After the final seconds of the song "Zerstoerungsmaschine" we are greeted with the sound of "Chaos is...". A bit of drum playing, a few strings on the guitar and then chaos ensues. I haven't listened to these guys in a while and during the first song on this split I instantly remembered why I loved them so much. Energy bursting through every second of their songs, an interesting entity which I could only describe as gentle aggression.

Fast, screaming, rending, pounding, drum exploding, but at the same time somehow soft and elegant. I don't know if it's just me, but I think "Chaos is..." really made a sound which is highly unique only to them. Back in the day, when one of my friends sent me their self-titled from 2007, I remember "La Une" being one of the best openers of an album I have ever heard and right now listening to this split it makes
me happy that they are still using their excellentrecipe for writing songs. "Ce que souffrir veut dire" is my current favorite on the split, since it completely embodies the clash of elegance and aggression which I mentioned previously.

In the end you are left with 23 minutes of superb tunes, brought to you by two bands coming from two different countries that still send ripples around the European screamo boat. And thus we come to the grand new addition to the blog which I am very happy to announce. From the beginning of my love toward these bands and up until now, I have been several times in correspondence with both, occasionally with Bobo from "Chaos is..." and quite regularly with Chris from "Fuck, Wolves!". And with the combination of their friendliness and my love for their music, both bands took their time and accepted to do an interview for the blog! So, following this post I will be posting the said interviews in a couple of days. I found doing those very interesting and enjoyable, so most probably I will continue doing that in the future (if I get lucky and find willing bands for such a thing) and hopefully you will find the interviews worth your time. Until then, enjoy this amazing split." -natureswithnoplagues

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