Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Thinking Straight - 2011 Opposite of Ordinary

Band : Thinking Straight
Album : Opposite of Ordinary
Release Year : 2011
Genre : Hardcore | Straight Edge

Tracklist :
 1. song #1
2. oath that sets me free
3. friends and family
4. fall apart
5. still here
6. thank you
7. the opposite of ordinary (instrumental)
8. never understand (cover song chain of strength)

Not too many Indonesian hardcore / punk Bands who still survive and be consistent in its tracks since the mid '90s. Thinking Straight is not one that only survive, but is now getting stronger. With an album of new weapons such as The Opposite of Ordinary, they are increasingly keen to voice their mindset towards Straight Edge ideology that they profess. What is interesting is the way they play hardcore music. At the beginning of his emergence, Thinking Straight influenced by musical styles classic hardcore bands such as 88-year Youth of Today, but now the song such as "Song # 1" or "Oath That Sets Me Free" began to show influences from old school metal bands like era Metallica Kill 'em All, but combined in such a way that gave birth to something unique and keep it fast, brutal and frightening. In the division of writing lyrics, Thinking Straight is still discussing the themes in the immediate neighborhood of the spectrum, polemics in skena, commitment to the lifestyle they choose, family and friends, as well as gratitude've discovered bands like Youth of Today in the past. How to execute the song feels exactly like what was said Keith Morris (Black Flag / Circle Jerks) in the documentary American Hardcore, "Cut the half-finished bridge, do not use the intro, no outro use, straight out," in the sense that all the songs average average duration is short but well targeted and efficiently. All these advantages make The Opposite of Ordinary become one of Indonesia's best hardcore punk release earlier this year. -RS

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