Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Brain Floss - 2002 About Us

Band : Brain Floss
Album : About Us
Release Year : 2002
Genre : Melodic | Punk
Tracklist :
01. Story Of My-Ex
02. Sing It Loud
03. All Tts Gone
04. Normal Guy
05. Drunk
06. Mission Complete
07. Sudah Pergi
08. Two Of My Best Friends
09. Star Track
10. Crazy Town
11. Awaken
12. I Wish I Know (The Next Story Of My-Ex)

A long forgotten local band, i remember how much i love this album, rewind it again and again on my tape. After almost 10 years since then, i still remember every lyrics on it. This album is masterpiece in the punk scene here. This band is fucking awesome, they're fast, they're techical, they really know how to play a good punk!!

"BRAIN FLOSS was formed in 1998. Basicly we're just a punk band who try to create our own music that our feelings and thoughts about life based on our own experience..we already made our first album entitled "About Us" (released by threechords/re-released by lowlife record) in the year 2002..after our first album was released, in the year 2005 we put our single entitled "Hilang Semua" to join a compilation from simpletonmelodiesrecords entitled "simple tone from simpletonmelodiesrecords"."

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