Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Meadow Saffron - 2008 Leaving the Black Square

Band : Meadow Saffron
Album : Leaving the Black Square
Release Year : 2008
Genre : Indie | Post-Hardcore | Experimental
Tracklist :
01. The Medical Director
02. Island
03. History of Dreams
04. Phi
05. Black Square
06. Crossed the Line
07. How to Sink Attractively
08. Omega
09. ...Throwing Back the Stones
10. Clouds

Everydays shitload of disturbed interpersonal relationships, social abuse and political polarisation is what the grotesque relation between fragility and rage in Meadow Saffron’s music refers to: Just like issues always base on several reasons, their music has a bipolar basement. This fourpiece delivers an energetic and lively as well as atmospheric and contemplative mixture influenced by great bands like FUGAZI, DREDG, MOGWAI and AT THE DRIVE-IN while always pretending on the bands individual sound and aesthetic. Vastness in time and space is what you feel while enjoying elaborated arrangements and extensive guitars interrupted by some rhythmic extravaganza. Singer David adds this kind of special note that gives a band a stand-alone approach. Having played shows with FACE TOMORROW, CINEMECHANICA or MALKOVICH, Meadow Saffron gained a lot of experiences on stage. Expect some spontaneous energy combined with the unique ability to shift audiences into unknown spheres.

Those who expect a combo called "autumn crocus" esoteric strumming, which is a lesson taught here, because the Siegen play a very idiosyncratic style combination of post-core, indie rock and progressive elements - and the little plant is poisonous. Most likely to let the songs ... AND YOU WILL KNOW U.S. BY THE TRAIL OF DEAD AT THE DRIVE-IN and think. Thus, the repertoire of MEADOW SAFFRON is far from exhausted, as "Iceland" adds to the whole of the melancholy tones and style EDITORS BLACKMAIL. The sophisticated songwriting and the many aha moments make "Leave The Black Square" to an album of international size. Really, the ten songs you can hardly do justice to the language used, this band wants to be heard!

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