Thursday, November 3, 2011

Lester Freamon - 2011 Natural Police

Band : Lester Freamon
Album : Natural Police
Release Year : 2011
Genre : Emotive | Hardcore | Screamo

Tracklist : 
01 Shit Ray Thunder Fuck
02 Hella Dudes
03 Der Kluns
04 Oh My Goblet!

LESTER FREAMON from Las Vegas with their debut 7inch. A total of 4 songsfound on this small but fine piece of vinyl. 4 songs that simply show the joy theband has while playing.
Many parts of the songs are very reminiscent of Kidcrash, Caravels or even on old Hot Cross stuff.
The highlight is the song"Oh my goblet!". A very atmospheric beginning that ends in a classic posthardcoresong. Driving drums, accompanied by a bony bass and twoabsolutely dynamic guitars.
A debut, that couldn't have been better. It will beinteresting what comes from this young band in the future.

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