Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Her Breath On Glass - 2009 What We Left Behind

Band : Her Breath On Glass
Album : What We Left Behind
Release Year : 2009
Genre : Emo | Screamo 

Tracklist :
01 Dying Is An Art
02 My Sweet Recovery
03 Everything Wasn't At All
04 Calling All Dark Forces
05 Memories Of A Life On Fire (Fallen Ash Version)
06 Mercy You Sold Us Out This Time - Our Love Is Ours To Define (Cadavers Version)
07 Gradually Then Suddenly
08 Gothic Cajun
09 Having It Out With Distance (Singles Club Version)
10 On The Edge Of A Very Bad Idea
11 We Were Never Innocents

For those not in the know, Her Breath On Glass feature "emo god" Andy Maddox, of The Saddest Landscape fame. The sounds of Her Breath On Glass aren't too distant from The Saddest Landscape and they are about as Emo as you could possibly get. "What We Left Behind" is a record of intense and powerful emo goodness that grabs you by the throat. Desperate Vocals full of despair, noisy and abrasive drums and guitars, but still at the same time they manage to maintain melody. For fans of The saddest Landscape and Pianos Become the Teeth. Enjoy!!!

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