Sunday, December 11, 2011

Courtships - 2011 The Feral Sound or the Whole Art of Courtships

Band : Courtships
Album : The Feral Sound or the Whole Art of Courtships
Release Year : 2011
Genre : Chaotic | Hardcore | Mathcore

Tracklist :
1.Feral Child
2.You Can't Sit Here
3.Comatose Lover
4.Tenuous Lie Trap
5.An Utter Disgrace
6.Malpractice Ensurance
7.Vital Signs
8.Dirt Road Of The Damned
9.Nubile King/A Reprisal

On their self released debut LP, Courtships rage through 9 songs of crushing technical hardcore. It's no easy feat in 2011 to successfully channel the chaotic metal/hardcore style perfected by bands like Botch, Coalesce and Converge in the late 90's, but these songs feel fresh and more then anything contain a frantic urgency and energy that is sorely lacking in many more current bands playing the style. As the band has been so gracious to provide a free download link to share with all of you as well as this review, I highly suggest you check it out yourself, and keep an eye out for a band that surely has good things in store. -Words Of Evil

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