Sunday, December 25, 2011

Strike to Survive - 2011 Sore Losers

Band : Strike to Survive
Album : Sore Losers
Release Year : 2011
Genre : Hardcore

Tracklist :
1. Energy Vampires
2. Sore Throats
3. Poltergeist

 Hey, everyone!! I really sorry for left this blog with no post for about a week, i really buzy here, and really don't have time to stay on this blog, but i promise there will be a lot of good stuff next year!!
Well, i got an email at xmas eve, and it from Strike to Survive. 
Strike to Survive started around 2006 as a 4-piece, later added a second guitarist and recorded the “Fresno or Bust” demo in 2008. Recorded our first 7’inch in 2011 with Scott Goodrich at Imperial Studios titled “Mirror, Mirror” After multiple west coast tours they are getting to do their first US tour last July and they’ve recorded and released 3 brand new songs of their new EP titled “Sore Losers”
 Sore Losers is only 3 songs, clocking about more than six minutes and it's really good and worth to listen. So, just go get it now!! You can purchase their previous release too by visiting their Bandcamp. By the way thanks for Timmy Lodhi for sharing this to me!!
Merry Xmas to All of You!!!


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