Monday, December 19, 2011

CityCop - 2011 Seasons

Band : CityCop.
Album : Seasons
Release Year : 2011
Genre : Emo | Screamo | Acoustic | Experimental

Tracklist :
1. Bluebird
2. Spring
3. Summer
4. Fall
5. Winter

Well, here's the new records from CityCop, and it's so fucking good. I'm not in the good mood lately and feel so lazy, so i just copying the review from the sputnik music. make sure you buy the CD/tape once it out through L'Amour Records.

Seasons transcends its screamo-wave influence and punches hard, despite not having a single distorted riff or rush of feedback. Just like their debut, Seasons is a stunning mix of acoustic cleans and honest screams. While the introductory track, a fittingly hoarse rendition of Charles Bukowski's classic poem “Bluebird”, might bring up thoughts of La Dispute, the following four tracks, each one named after its related season, transcend their collective influences to create a technically impressive and wholly original sonic experience. Guitarist Max Adam's melodies are absolutely enchanting, eschewing punk tradition and pulling from everything from classical to calypso jazz. It doesn't hurt that the rhythm section follows his lead with the utmost care and precision. Vocalist Eddie Gancos' impassioned wails tie everything back into to their genre framework, doing his part to provide the emotional catharsis one expects for the sound. It all melds together so beautifully. From the bouncy leads of “Spring” through the dread and gloom of “Winter”, CityCop have not only released something that they should be proud of, but something that has the power to propel them to the top of the scene from which they've spawned. -Adam Thomas



  1. sorry, the link is remove by the band!!

  2. yep, really cool band. their previous LP is also really good.

    I just did an interview of Citycop for my blog.
    here it is :