Friday, January 27, 2012

Caravels + Gifts From Enola - 2012 Well Worn (Split)

Band : Caravels + Gifts From Enola
Album : Well Worn (Split)
Release Year : 2012
Genre : Post-Hardcore | Ambient | Experimental
Tracklist :
Side A - Caravels
1. Sagan Genesis
2. Beer Pressure
3. Bone Voyage

Side B - Gifts From Enola
4. Angel Face
5. Water Torture

"Partners in crime Caravels and Gifts From Enola have been threatening to make a split album together for a couple years now, and luckily for all of us... they've finally made good on that threat. Harrisonburg, VA's Gifts From Enola offer up two razor sharp, hardcore-tinged, post-something rippers, pushing forward hard on the evolution of their sound from the critically acclaimed self-titled 2010 full length that included "touches of Thrice's well structured post-hardcore, Tortoise's experimental side and even a little Fugazi thrown in for good measure" according to Decibel Magazine and that Lambgoat called a "gorgeous kaleidoscope of guitar playing and overall musicianship". Meanwhile, Las Vegas, NV natives in Caravels continue to push their multi-textured brand of emotive hardcore into new and unexplored territory. And for a band "already on the cusp of greatness" as Punk News proclaimed, it's impossible to listen to these songs and not believe that they have lived up to that hype with these three tracks - their newest hybrids of old school screamo blended seamlessly with layered post-rock elements. Sure, there is a lot of screaming and yelling, and a lot of loud guitars and drums, and an overall aggressive tone to the body of work on this split, but the only absolute and true over riding common denominator is that both bands effortlessly defy easy classification, making this split both as challenging and as rewarding as they come. -The Mylene Sheath
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