Friday, January 27, 2012

Buried At Birth - 2012 Self Titled

Band : Buried At Birth
Album : Self Titled
Release Year : 2012
Genre : Grindcore | Power Violence | Thrash
Tracklist :
1.Salem Steamer   
2.I Chased A Homeless Man Down The Street With An Exhaust Manifold   
3.Entitled Asshole   
4.Vertical Snarl   
6.Boat Trash   
7.Chainsodomy + Dumpster Diving at Planned Parenthood (LIVE)

Formed in the Spring of 2010 by Ryan Fassler and David Taylor, the duo intended to fill the void left by bands like Fall Silent, Insect Warfare, 97a, and the Accused. After a few jam sessions however, the pair quickly realized that they’d need another guitar to complement their brand of spastic, yet complex Thrash / Grind. Enter Nathan Luevano – a young, uncompromising Metal thrasher from Santa Cruz, Ca. with a crisp and dense guitar tone. With a solid foundation now in place, Veronica Mars and Donovan Kelley joined shortly thereafter on vocals and bass – respectively. This line-up would see them through the first few months of their existence.

Upon agreement of the moniker, Buried at Birth, the band promptly recorded a 3-song demo with Scott Goodrich at Imperial Recording in Livermore, Ca. They also began an intensive booking process that locked in performances throughout California at skateparks, basements, VFW halls, and any other venues that would have them.

Time was booked with Joe Clements at the Compound in Santa Cruz, Ca. and 5 sonically devastating songs were expertly tracked for their self titled debut release.

Unfortunately, due to personal obligations, Nathan resigned around this time – but was replaced by a local San Jose shredder named Jerry Lozano. After the release of their debut e.p., “Smashed in the Face”, Dave left the band due to their rigorous touring schedule; Philip Hasha quickly stepped in on second guitar to fill the void left by Dave.

As veteran musicians of bands such as Agression, At Risk, Manson Family Feud, and Tried & True, their live shows are bursting with unbridled intensity and such calculated chaos that even the most jaded observer can’t help but be affected. Also watch for unreleased Buried at Birth material to be included on a handful of compilations by labels such as BuriedinHell (Sacramento), Birds Out Records (Scotland), and Maximum Thrash (Indonesia).

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