Sunday, January 22, 2012

Gay Kiss - 2011 Dumpster Rules

Band : Gay Kiss
Album : Dumpster Rules
Release Year : 2011
Genre : Chaotic | Hardcore | Noise | Experimental
Tracklist :
3.Hunting Party
4.Dumpster Rules

From the stupid idiot desert of Phoenix, AZ, comes this masterpiece by the (self-proclaimed) pioneers of the [non-existent] sketchy dude hardcore genre, Gay Kiss. This 7” is a total labor of love and hate and take-out Mexican food and work. This band defines the statement “oh great, he’s here now.” This is the best (and only) Gay Kiss material released thus far, with 4 “ragers”(???) that have lyrics about things. THINGS!!! Fronted by Iron Risky Roger Carson “Gay Kiss” Calamaio, the assualt of guitar, bass, drum sounds and yelling never ends until it does in fact end. -anxietymachine

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