Sunday, January 22, 2012

Carved Up - 2011 Brothers

Band : Carved Up
Album : Brothers
Release Year : 2011
Genre : Post-Hardcore | Experimental
Tracklist :
1.Crooked Bets   
2.What Are The Magic Words?   
3.Heroin City   
4.Empty Shells

Abrasive and lush. Caustic and commanding. A ball of physical, aggressive, post-whatever energy that remains just a little bit charming. We are 4 pieces of work churning out late 90's inspired hardcore ala Ink & Dagger, Botch, Chavez and At The Drive-In.

Another good band!!! Carved up is came from Philadelphia PA, they playing a kind of post-hardcore sound. The first track from this EP is reminds me with Botch that mix with At the Drive-in style, and it's really cool!! They mixed up a lot of influences to be come their own music style and the out put is so fucking good!! If you like the band that i mention above, please give a listen to this band!! Their previous releas is also available on their Bandcamp. Enjoy!!


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