Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Feal Real - 2011 London Zombie EP

Band : Feal Real
Album : London Zombie EP
Release Year : 2011
Genre : Experimental

Tracklist :
1 Feal Real - Obey (Spudboy Remix)
2 Feal Real - Theogen Disco free
3 Feal Real - Obey free
4 Feal Real - London Zombies

Ethnic sci-fi, zombie lyrics, voodoo bass, balkan blaxploitation - Feal Real’s line-up features ex-members of Infants and Optimist Club and includes synthesizer, saxophone, drum-pads and cowbell.

Like The Beta Band’s early madcap incarnation, Feal Real combine a love of tribal headdresses with free-spirited sonic invention. Manic percussion, sci-fi synths and menacing, exhortatory vocals energise the London troupe’s indie-funk onslaught. This show will be sure to deliver big beats, loud shirts and wide smiles.” -(NME)

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