Saturday, June 16, 2012

Zebras - 2012 Zebras

Band : Zebras
Album : Zebras
Release Year : 2012
Genre : Post-Punk | Noise | Experimental
01. The Dying Sea
02. Mighty Bayonet
03. Queeny Gloom Doom
04. A Turd By Any Other Name
05. Black Cancer
06. Field / Noise
07. Diablo Blanco
08. The Dirty Dice
09. Tension
10. Wiener Kids
11. The Serpent & The Pig

Zebras started in 2007 and toured the states many times over. They have had a few member changes and set backs but are back with a new album and a new drummer.Their current members are Vincent Presley (also a member of Those Poor Bastards), Shane Hochstetler (also a member of Call Me Lightning and previously in Haymarket Riot, Hero Of A Hundred Fights & Managra), and Lacey Smith (also a member of Those Poor Bastards). This is their new album, 11 songs with a pure noise, spastic and yet beauty!! Well, just check them out now!!! Enjoy!!!

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