Thursday, October 4, 2012

MAKE - 2012 Trephine

Band : MAKE
Album : Trephine
Release Year : 2012
Genre : Psychedelic | Doom | Sludge | Stoner

1. Ancient Tongues
2. After the Dust Settles
3. Returning to the Ruins of My Birthplace
4. ...And Time Came Undone
5. Valhalla
6. Surrounded By Silent Lies
7. Rotting Palace
8. Scorched Sky
9. Into The Falling Gray

MAKE is a heavy blend of psychedelic sludge metal from Chapel Hill, NC featuring Scott Endres from the defunct Boston space-rock band Suntan, Spencer Lee of Chapel Hill band Systems and drummer Matt Stevenson.

'Trephine' certainly pulls no punches and it very deliberately builds in intensity throughout its 9 epic tracks pulling you inward and battering your senses on the way. Listen to the way the vocals come in during '....And Time Came Undone' (I've linked their bandcamp page below so you can do just that). It's stunning stuff.There are elements of repetition throughout that have a real industrial feel, minus the samples of course, but my niggle throughout is the lack of change of pace, intensity builds, it takes you inwards but there are no break-out moments where things drag you kicking and screaming into another dimension. There are some really stand out tracks though "Surrounded By Silent Lies" and the almost Sabbath like riffing on "Rotten Palace" with a real change in vocal and style immediately spring to mind.

On album closer 'Into The Falling Grey', which is over 12 minutes long, you really do need to stick with it post the 6 minute mark, but be prepared for an uncomfortable experience. Ultimately this is a really good LP within this genre, but it's not for me, I love the stoner feel, but the doom leanings lose me, but that's just my personal taste. -Nev Brooks (uberrock)

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