Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Angora Static - 2004 7" Ep

Band : Angora Static
Album : 7" Ep
Release Year : 2004
Genre : Hardcore / Screamo

Tracklist : 
01- Every man is his own microprocessor
02 - Mediterranean holidays to remember
03 - Kalashnikov retro
04 - Bretton Woods abducted my mother

Whatever, this 7" is definitely any good. 4 songs of rather wrought and distraught screamy emo. The recording is pretty scruffy and they rely on dark grooves and surges to create a really cool sound that echo's stuff like I, Robot or the Vida Blue. The vocals are mostly verge of tears screams, and they work really well. The second track has a more jazzy structure to it, hopping about from foot to foot in a hyperactive manner, I like when it explodes into a melody that battles against the messy recording and just about manages to fight it's way through, then it drops down totally and well, it's all over the shop! On side B the band has more of those hidden melodic guitars, amidst the chaos they bury a herky-jerky midwest guitar sound similar to stuff like Managra. It works really well, especially when you listen on headphones and can start to pick out what's going on. Yes. I like this a lot.

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