Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Black Kites - 2009 Advancement to Ruins

Band : Black Kites
Album : Advancement to Ruins
Release Year : 2009
Genre : Hardcore / Screamo

Tracklist : 
01. Taking My Time
02. Advancement To Ruins
03. Sick Tradition
04. Laundry Room
05. The Sly Fox In A Town Of Idiots
06. February 2nd
07. Twelve Infants
08. Pipe Dream Revolution
09. I Keep Getting Uglier
10. Reminder
11. You Me Us
This is a record best played loud, and it's pretty easy to freak the fuck out to it. Black Kites seamlessly shift from speedy metal-influenced hardcore to slow-lurching rhythms to Converge-inspired guitar parts (see the track "Advancement to Ruin," on their MySpace, one of the highlights of the record) and back throughout the LP, managing to avoid the monotony that's always a danger with this kind of music. The short length doesn't hurt, either. They keep things impressively varied throughout, and it never seems forced, from the gang vocals of "A hunger for greed will bring the end" in "Sick Tradition" to the slow atmospheric interlude fitting between the crushing hardcore of the closing track. It seems like every song has at least one moment that shows the best that this band can offer. The songs are short, and there are only 11 of them, but there isn't a bad spot in there.

The members of Black Kites are straight-edge and vegan/vegetarian, but these themes don't tend to come up in the lyrics much, which I'm sure is a plus to a good deal of people who make certain complaints every time a Propagandhi record comes out. At the same time, don't expect an album full of heartfelt lyrics about the struggles in the singer's life. Don't get me wrong -- those come up, but for the most part, these are songs hearkening back to the grand punk rock tradition of paranoia, disgust and anger. Take "Pipe Dream Revolution," a short blast of metal and hardcore culminating in screams of "Revolution! Just pipe dreams! When preaching! To choirs!" While other bands are busy forgetting that hardcore came from punk rock, Black Kites is making music that's visceral, powerful and important. Here's hoping there's more to come.


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