Monday, March 28, 2011

Carcer City - 2009 Affliction

Band : Carcer City
Album : Affliction
Release Year : 2009
Genre : Metalcore / Progressive

Tracklist :
 1) Promise
2) Inside the White Walls
3) Affliction (Part I)
4) Affliction (Part II)
5) Ghosts
6) I Hope You're Left With Nothing
7) Sword to the Throat

Carcer City is a Progressive Metal Core band born in the Wirral in the northwest of England. With very aggressive songs and break-downs very well executed. Combining Guttural roars,razor sharp riffs and a rhythm section capable of creating the most fearsome of stampedes, their sound is one of intelligence and power; pitting both elements against one another in a way that defies their tender years. It's a skill that is possessed by few and one that is no more evident than on the previously released EP 'Affliction'. A prime example of grass roots British metal in its most primitive and fist pumping of forms.

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