Saturday, March 12, 2011

Cease Upon the Capitol - 2006 Cease Upon the Capitol

Band : Cease Upon the Capitol
Album : Cease Upon the Capitol
Release Year : 2006
Genre : Screamo / Emo Violence
Tracklist : 
01. Goddamn It's Cold As Hell 'cause Rock N Roll Is
02. Your Satellite Has Us Worked From Day One
03. What Would The Heretics Say
04. While Sports Provide A Centered Mind
05. Crash On The Ground
06. I'm Placing My Bets On Drowning
07. The Center Again Until We Float Away To The Outs
08. Art Or The Empire
09. You're Dressed To The Teeth But Scored To The Bo
Cease Upon the Capitol was a band from Nashville, Tennessee. They played screamo/punk/post-rock like La Quiete, Raein, Rodan & Envy. They split in 2007. Two of the members have since moved on to form Dolcim, while the other member in now playing in Sanctions.
It's the debut album from cease upon the capitol. here are 9 furious, emo-violent tracks. mixing intensity, beauty, passion, and anger, this band blazes new trails in music, not being able to be called 'screamo', 'emo-violence' or any other genre. they've really created their own sound.

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