Friday, March 4, 2011

Come Across Trachimbrod - 2009 Eating People Is Easy

Band : Come Across Trachimbrod
Album : Eating People Is Easy
Release Year : 2009
Genre : Post-Rock / Screamo / Shoegaze

Tracklist :
01. Patterns Are Forlorn
02. Time Will Fall Into Oblivion
03. I Don’t Even Know How I Got Here
04. Airgonauts
05. Finding An Abyss
06. And You’ ll Be Remembered As Bouen
07. Medos (CAT-remix by Precious Moments)
Come Across Trachimbrod is a post-rock band from Jönköping, Sweden formed in 2008 by Hannes Ek, Dino Kuljaninovic, Lukas Feurst, and Oscar Sundling.The band is influenced by Stella Psychosis. It’s six tracks and one bonus track. The bonus track is a collaboration between us and “Precious Moments”.

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