Thursday, March 3, 2011

Crocus - 2008 The Worst Kind of Joy is Hope (ep)

Band : Crocus
Album : The Worst Kind of Joy is Hope (ep)
Release Year : 2008
Genre : Screamo / Emo Violence

Tracklist :
1 When Your Own Heart Asks
2 Eat, Cut, Fuck Or Run?
3 Merit Lies
4 We Must Taste The Inexhaustable
5 Eight Great Fears 

Straight off the bat, 'When Your Own Heart Asks' opens with those octave chords and the vocal style that does not vary throughout the record, almost immediately segueing into a Takaru-esque chuggy riff. From here on it's a mess of short riffs, fills and bridges, finally getting to a Honeywell-inspired passage that sees the song out.
This kind of pick-n-mix theme continues throughout the other four tracks. 'Eat, Cut, Fuck or Run?' demonstrates an enjoyable Orchid impression, ending with a melody reminiscent of earlier Envy records; 'Merit Lies' has its twinkly intro that Life At These Speeds are so good at, followed by at least 4 or 5 random generic riffs; "We Must Taste The Inexhaustable" (sic) does the Hot Cross thang, all twiddly riffs and high-end bass tremolo; and finally 'Eight Great Fears' mixes its PGMG-a-like riff with more La Quiete-isms.

All the above is perhaps being a little too pedantic though. There are some great moments on here that show boundless potential for the band to evolve and find their own sound. The final scream of 'It's all so simple!' followed by echoing feedback certainly hits the spot. 
All in all a decent enjoyable listen if you aren't looking for anything particularly groundbreaking. -colectivezine

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