Sunday, March 13, 2011

The Heuristic - 2005 Parapraxes

Band : The Heuristic
Album : Parapraxes
Release Year : 2005
Genre : Mathcore / Experimental

Tracklist : 
1. Max Planck vs The Army Of Darkness
2. There Is No Square Root Of Negative 1 In Team
3. Speed Lemur Houses Ex-Endurance On Account Of Perspicacity
4. First Manassas
5. Second Manassas
6. Jack Ruby Tuesday
7. Transylvania Lottery
8. E: Red Headed Stepchild Of The Non-Repeating Decimals
9. Mississippi Delta Force

The Heuristic comes off as a sloppy, less enthusiastic, more punk-rock version of Dillinger, and unfortunately, with a style of music so spastic as it is, it doesn't work. Through Parapraxes' nine tracks, the band aimlessly walks through a tech-metal meets post-hardcore sound. That isn't the problem, though. The album is such a sloppy mess (with only two tracks above the two-minute mark), that any technical prowess or musical proficiency the band does possess is lost among the mass of chaotic, undistinguishable compositions.

Released just a year after the Heuristic's 2004 formation, Parapraxes might just try too hard (at too young an age) to be different and unique, thereby almost imploding upon itself. The musicality is there (as is apparent on "Speed Lemur Houses Ex Endurance On Account Of Perspicacity" and "Second Manassas"), but it more often than not gets lost in too much musical complexity (see every other track on Parapraxes). If that's not enough, the song titles are incredibly (dare I say needlessly) long-winded, while the songs aren't even long enough to warrant spending the breath saying the names.


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