Friday, March 25, 2011

Jane Hoe - 2011 CityOfLostChildren

Band : Jane Hoe
Album : CityOfLostChildren
Release Year : 2011
Genre : Chaotic / Grindcore / Mathcore / Experimental

Tracklist :
1. Interlude.
2. Ive lost everything part 1.
3. Ive lost everything part 2.
4. Lost health.
5. Lost home.
6. Lost hope.
7. Lost purpose.
JaneHoe was a chaotic hardcore-band from Ulm, Germany, which existed from january 16th, 2008 to december 18th, 2010. Jane hoe was just a stupid idea that everyone liked after a few hours of desperate discussing. They really did not care whether it would fit in or not, although They have to admit that the thought of the Converge record "jane doe" was always in their minds. As most of their fans live in Russia, Malaysia or Mexico and not in Germany, their plans don't go that far concerning becoming local heroes or a big name. They just want to come around a little bit, play some shows, sell some tapes and to have as much fun as possible.

Since they got rid of their shitty first guitar player, who sucked way too hard to play this kind of music, their line up did not change anymore and they decided to move on as a 4-piece band, With an old-school line up of guitar, bass, drums and vocals. Since guitar and bass player changed their instruments, one of them is doing nothing and the other one is writing all of the songs with the drummer. Their singer concentrates on the booking and of course on mySpace and etc.
The "chaotic" refers to their live shows, as these mostly have nothing to do with what you can hear on our cd or tape. The singer is always drunk and all the others just cannot play what they write in the rehearsal room. Polymetric, rhythm changes and the dissonances also show the "chaotic" in their music. But they actually see themselves more as a punk than as a grind-band.

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