Saturday, March 26, 2011

NSDwhoa! - 2004 88.1 Live set

Band : NSDWhoa!
Album : 88.1 Live set
Release Year : 2004
Genre : Experimental / Screamo / Post-Hardcore

Tracklist :
1. If this is a revolution we have to offend somebody, and if it wasn't for that bastard David Hasslehoff the Berling wall would still be standing (live)
2. Make like Richard Prior, set yourself on fire (live)
3. The death of mustache metal (live)

Well, it's NSDWhoa again, this time is live record from them. This album was recorded live in the local radio station there (i don't know the name of the radio), and the sound was amazing, so clear and noiseless. Well, enjoy it, this record is awesome!

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