Thursday, March 10, 2011

Past Lives - 2010 Tapestry of Webs

Band : Past Lives
Album : Tapestry of Webs
Release Year : 2010
Genre : Post-Hardcore / Indie / Experimental

Tracklist :
01 Paralyzer
02 Falling Spikes
03 Past Lives
04 Don't Let the Ashes Fill Your Eyes
05 Deep in the Valley
06 K Hole
07 Hex Takes Hold
08 Vanishing Twin
09 Hospital White
10 At Rest
11 Aerosol Bouquet
12 There is a Light So Bright it Blinds

Tapestry has more ups and downs than that roller-coaster that always made you sick as a kid (but you went on anyway, of course, because it was so fun). The jangly horns, skittish guitars, a clarinet, and even an organ all add to this sentiment. Past Lives display a wide array of diversity on Tapestry of Webs, but many times the most riveting facet is Jordan Blilie’s vocal work. Instead of chaos and complexity, we’re spoon-fed restraint and moderation. His croon is temperate, save for a few abrupt eruptions throughout. And the best part is, he’s right here. The resonance of “Hex Takes Hold” and “K Hole” give the distinct impression that Jordan Blilie is only feet away, and Past Lives draws you nearer and nearer with every development on the way to each subsequent finale. Catchy or dissonant, Past Lives make it enjoyable, even if it is pretty harrowing at times.

The roller-coaster of Tapestry of Webs is definitely jarring, exciting, and elusive at times. There’s surprises round every corner- expecting a lull? You get a scream- expecting a chorus? Here’s a quirky horn section for you. It has its down-moments, of course, but for the vast majority of their latest, Past Lives commands that you be on the edge of your seat. Never too eclectic for its own good either, Past Lives’ know when to stop at the edge and not go overboard. Honestly, I have no theory about where Past Lives is going next, up or down, left or right- but I kinda like it that way.
And finally, to quote the accurate sentiments of a past Past Lives review: “Hell yes does it live up to The Blood Brothers and then some.”

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