Tuesday, March 13, 2012

If These Trees Could Talk - 2012 Red Forest

Band : If These Trees Could Talk
Album : Red Forest
Release Year : 2012
Genre : Post-Rock | Ambient | Instrumental

Tracklist :
01. Breath of Life
02. The First Fire
03. Barren Lands of the Modern Dinosaur
04. They Speak With Knives
05. The Gift of Two Rivers
06. Red Forest
07. The Aleutian Clouds
08. Left to Rust and Rot
09. When the Big Hand Buries the Twelve

This airy and spacey post-rock feel permeates the album even when one can easily draw connections to bands such as Russian Circles and Red Sparowes and their brand of heavier post-rock. The album flows naturally and one is never left feeling disjointed and no transitions are jarring. If Trees Could Talk have crafted an album that flows seamlessly from haunting melodies to soothing sonnets. The music sometimes feels like you’re summiting a mountain peak and breathing in the cool, virgin air while other times you feel like you are tumbling head over heels downriver, caught in the current. Both are exhilarating and euphoric. This album is not one that you can merely listen to, it must be experienced. You will find time passing that you don’t remember; so entranced were you with the music. This is helped along by the wonderful pacing of the album. Never are you left wishing the music was slower or faster, it is always exactly the right speed. The guitars flow over each other to create a sonic landscape that sounds huge. These songs just feel large. This album generates a feeling of great open spaces, of the world before us. This music is the soundtrack to exploration.

If you are looking for an album that is beautiful without being overbearing, tenacious without being overzealous or just something that will make you forget your problems, this is where you should stay. If one needs even more convincing just listen to the gorgeous melodies that are contained within “The Aleutian Clouds”. How these men transfer such elegance from their minds to their music is a mystery.

As the album fades and your journey draws to a close you may realize that the last fifty minutes or so slipped away from you. This album possess the ability to truly remove you from reality, a goal that many strive to achieve but never fully grasp.

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