Sunday, March 27, 2011

Warzone - 1998 The Victory Years

Band : Warzone
Album : The Victory Years
Release Year : 1998
Genre : Hardcore / Punk / Straight Edge

Tracklist :
1. Always: A Friend For Life
2. Sound Of Revolution, The
3. Locked Out
4. Throw Me A Line
5. Going Psycho
6. Free At Last
7. Ground Zero
8. Take A Stand
9. United Worldwide
10. Marked For Life
11. Under 18
12. Hopeless Nation
13. We're The Crew
14. Rebels Till We Die
15. Warzone
16. Real Enemy, The
17. Brother And Sisterhood

The classic album for today is goes to Warzone.
Warzone was a hardcore punk band from New York City. Anti-racist skinhead frontman Raymond “Raybeez” Barbieri was the group’s only consistent member between its formation on the Lower East Side of Manhattan in 1982 until Barbieri’s untimely death due to pneumonia on September 11, 1997. A U.S. Navy veteran, he was receiving treatment that many fans and friends have claimed was shamefully inadequate in a Veterans Health Administration facility when the illness damaged his liver and took his life at the age of 35.

Raybeez’s small but loyal following accompanied the former Agnostic Front drummer from the nascent days before the “Youth Crew” era in hardcore punk, on and off of three record labels, before finally turning out en masse for two sold-out benefit shows following his passing

WARZONE's The Victory Years is a tribute to the years that veteran New York City hardcore-punk act spent with Victory Records. Tragically lead vocalist Ray ‘Raybeez” Barbieri passed away in September of 1997. This 17 track CD will be the last release documenting the legacy of this important musical act. WARZONE was more then a band- but a movement within itself.

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