Saturday, April 23, 2011

Crash of Rhinos - 2010 Distal

Band : Crash of Rhinos
Album : Distal
Release Year : 2010
Genre : Emo | Indie | Post-Hardcore

Tracklist :
1.Big Sea
3.Wide Awake
5.Gold On Red

From the UK comes Crash Of Rhinos, with his debut album under his arm to remind us of times when the term Emo was not a dirty word. While this may be seen as mere nostalgia nineties, the soulful musical depth of these seven songs (scattered in forty minutes) gives the band a proposal of their own musical weight. Yes, we see that the boys had his share of Braid, The Promise Ring, Bob Tilton, The Get Up Kids, Texas Is The Reason and the first Christie Front Drive, among many other leading exponents of the genre, and learned to perfection how to combine the games intricate rhythmic guitars and Post-Hardcore with a melodic sweetness sweeping, wide dynamic range and sensitivity that borders on melodrama but never comes to exaggeration or histrionics fascia. But the point is that they do so well, have such masterful use and knowledge of the principles of the style, each song is transformed into an experience that transcends the pseudo-academic definitions and stands firmly in the realm of memories and feelings most intimate and stark. We have voices that supply some carelessness with a delivery and a superlative melodic instinct, we have a versatile rhythm section, anxious and tight enough to hold without any problems, at times, labyrinthine structures of the compositions, we have some guitars that overflow with imagination and love the care counterpoints, angular riffs, beautiful arpeggios and melodic arrangements and chord progressions harmonic richness that makes the skin crawl. And we, of course, the songs, the very core of the matter. Intelligent, spontaneous, complex, and HOOK, fragile and energy, focusing on both the heart and mind and body, and balancing with astonishing naturalness these seeming opposites. Finally, a job can compete against their own influences and stand out more than fine for such a meeting.

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