Friday, April 22, 2011

Kerouac & Pariso - 2011 Split (ep)

Band : Kerouac & Pariso
Album : Split (ep)
Release Year : 2011
Genre : Chaotic | Hardcore

Tracklist :
Pariso :
1. Waster
2. Blastbeast
3. No Hope
4. Brutacus
5. The Recluse

Kerouac :
6. Skin Undone
7. Stillness And Cold
8. Sinkhole
9. Cheap Teeth
10. Dead And Gone
11. Fiends

A five-part mini-epic from the now near-indefinable Kerouac. Their most progressive recording yet - largely eschewing low-end crunch for black metal intensity/post-rock serenity and anthemic power. Pariso deliver perhaps what could be considered their 5 heaviest and most succinct tracks yet. Big riffs, grind and shards of off-kilter mosh with nods to Slipknot and Premonitions of War. Pure negativity.

This split was recorded in one day by Jamie Frye with both bands in the studio at the same time - taking it in turns to record instruments individually. This also marks the last recorded output by Mazz on vocals for Pariso. Both bands vocalists also guest on each others material.

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