Sunday, April 3, 2011

Dead to a Dying World - 2011 Dead to a Dying World

Band : Dead to a Dying World
Album : Dead to a Dying World
Release Year : 2011
Genre : Crust | Sludge | Darkcore | Experimental

Tracklist :
1. Concrete and steel
2. Stagnation
3. We Enter the Circle at Night…and Are Consumed by Fire

They say everything in Texas is done in a big way. To prove that point Dallas based doom metalers Dead to A Dying World not only utilizes all 7 members of the band but give you a full length disc in just 3 songs. Not only supporting the usual cast of musicians for this genre, these guys add an upright bass and cello to the mix. These additions do figure prominently in their sound and it is also unfair to call them straight doomers as this disc runs a gambit from good old heavy metal to the sludge filled depths of their home base with forays into other territories like classical, black metal and a host of places where you would not expect.

The one thing you will notice with this self-titled debut is the layering and thickness of the music. They seem to swallow you up and try to overpower you with a density to the sound that leaves very little room to even breathe. This is not music for the claustrophobic. Simply put this is a very good debut from a band that brings more to the table than many of the veterans of the genre. The musical abilities are superior to what you usually expect from the field of doom/funeral metal and their assorted backgrounds also make for some very interesting and dynamic works.

The centerpiece of the disc is the 22+ minute finale called "We Enter the Circle at Night…and Are Consumed by Fire". It may be considered to fast to be called doom for a large portion of the song but the epic, gothic and atmospheric heaviness that they create is a stunning example of a band that not only turns out the lights and wraps you in their darkness, they give you creeps by filling that gloom with more terror than any Stephen King novel. This one will have you looking in the corners and guarantee that sleep is not an option.

While it may not be their intent, Dead To A Dying World has made a disc which will bring the nightmares to life. If you ever worried about what was under the bed or had trouble looking in the closet than this album is only going to make things worse but who can resist a good horror movie!

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