Monday, April 18, 2011

Escapado - 2010 Montgomery Mundtot

Band : Escapado
Album : Montgomery Mundtot
Release Year : 2010
Genre : Screamo | Hardcore

Tracklist :
2.Montgomery Mundtot
4.Weil es so einfach ist
6.Viola del Poteus Maximus
8.Die Elite setzt sich durch
11.Zwischen den Profilen

In the past I was always skeptical over Escapado. Really hot, I was not in their presence. The drawing are now well that this state changes. Finally. Because the album "Montgomery Mundtot" is a power. It sounds out sucks when you write that an album sets new standards. However, burn that thought in my mind. Escapado consist of three basic elements:  emotion, intensity, Hardcore. It is a brute monster sound fed with non-stereotypical German lyrics, which grabs the listener a part in his feelings, but at the same time  mercilessly  and without wasting any  time driven into  the ground. The man on the mic like to commute between his heart singing and walking a mighty cry. Escapado produce an incredibly  dense  wall of sound and  sprinkle  now and then  a long instrumental  parts, in which I lean back and just the sound of  rain down on me. The ancient heroes of hardcore REFUSED here seem to have had a major impact, TURBO has at least a  little. I can not remember  when emotional hardcore is such a brilliant last exploded in my head.

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